2 thoughts on “Jesus > $$$ (Luke 18b-19a)”

  1. First off I really appreciate this recording. It is really helpful in seeing money and wealth in its proper perspective. You guys made a point about rather than allow money make us a tool for its purposes we should make it a tool for God’s kingdom by being a giver. How should we handle giving our money to homeless people, especially those who might use the money they receive from others to feed their addiction? Should Christians continue to give to that person even though they know it could potentially lead to their destruction?

    1. This is a great question, but unfortunately one that does not have a simple, applies-to-every-situation answer. It is true that we must help when we have opportunity, but as you point out we also should avoid ‘helping’ in ways that actually might do damage. Probably the best thing we can do is follow the following rules.
      (1) Pray at all times for both wisdom and compassion
      (2) Try to properly apply the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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